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October 15, 2019

Transform the world of work

Join us for Now at Work Amsterdam at SugarCity Events.

Now at Work Amsterdam

About Now at Work

Now at Work brings together extraordinary people transforming the world of work. Come and join us in Amsterdam to learn how people like you are delivering modern digital workflows that unlock productivity and transform the employee and customer experience.


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Ramon worked at IFF as a business Analyst, then continued as an auditor for six years at Ernst & Young. Ramon joined ASML in 2005 as a Financial controller and Internal Controls Specialist. In 14 years at ASML, Ramon has had several different positions but always related to process management and IT. Now Ramon is the team lead of an integrated team that is responsible for IT processes and compliance including the role of value stream manager for ServiceNow ASML worldwide.


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John joined ServiceNow in 2017 as President and CEO. Previously, he served as President and CEO of eBay Inc. and spent over 20 years at Bain starting as an Associate Consultant, eventually becoming the firm's CEO. John currently serves on the board for Nike, PayPal, and The Bridgespan Group and is the Chairman of the Business Council.


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Farrell, SVP of Customer Workflow, joined ServiceNow in 2012 to design end-to-end service management across Support, Infrastructure and R&D. In 2016, Farrell became GM of several IT Workflow products. Before ServiceNow, Farrell spent 10 years driving transformation in Support and R&D teams.


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Donika Kaneva
In 2018 joined Nouryon as part of the Global HR Service Delivery team. Started as an HR Stream lead for ServiceNow re-implementation in 2019. Currently working on further enhancing the ServiceNow functionalities for HR to deliver an upgraded user experience and enable HR self-service within Nouryon.


Around the World with Now at Work

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Tune into our Now at Work podcast series to hear interviews with the masterminds behind the content and experiences being created at our events around the globe. You'll hear from our Customer Success teams, product and solution owners, behind-the scenes local correspondents, and much more.
What is Now at Work?
Learn more about ServiceNow's global event series, Now at Work. Hear from host Janet Kluczynski and guests Nellie Greely, Now at Work program lead, and Debra Sutton, Head of ANZ Marketing, as they discuss the details and value the event will bring to you.
Digital Transformation Journey
Now at Work is committed to your Digital Transformation journey. In this episode, Janet chats with Brad Mattick, ServiceNow Vice President of Product Marketing, about how Digital Transformation will come to life at Now at Work.
A chat with the Content Team
Hear from Jenae Garrett and Alison Quattrocchi, "The Content Queens", as they discuss the Now at Work keynotes and sessions, the Catalog, and Agenda Builder coming to your local Now at Work.
The Now Expo
Hear a sneak peek of the highlights on the floor of the Now Expo at Now at Work. You'll hear what to expect from Innovation Hub demos, Customer Success focused activities, and the ServiceNow Pavilion.
CreatorCon is packing up its bags and hitting the road with Now at Work! Find out what the event is all about and how you'll be able to get involved. Whether you're a no-coder or a pro-coder, there's a spot for you in CreatorCon.

We're building a great experience for you.

Embark on your quest to transform the world of work.