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Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management runs on a single-architecture platform, enabling faster outcomes to slash spending and license compliance risks.
Software Asset Management
Software Spend Detection publisher dashboard

Software Spend Detection

Solve shadow IT by uncovering rogue spending by geo, cost center, vendor, product, and people.

License Workbench dashboard

License workbench

Prioritize and take action on compliance and cost visualizations for your long list of publishers.

A screenshot of SAP dashboard

Publisher Packs and SaaS License Management

Review license compliance and optimize positions for the most complex on‑premises and SaaS products.

Software publisher analytics

Software Vulnerabilities Assessment

Assess the true exposure and impact of software vulnerabilities.

change request

License change projections

Change the game from reactive to proactive—surface software costs before an IT change occurs.

Benefits of Scaled Agile Framework

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Automated entitlement import
Improve time to value by automating the process of importing procurement data with critical validations.
Achieve security objectives by flagging unauthorized personal (tax, gaming) software from corporate assets and take action for removal.
Content library and normalization
Get normalization rates up to 95% out of the box on a central dashboard using an extensive validated content library.
Find up-to-date configuration items, assets, file-based patterns on premises and throughout your cloud infrastructure
Engineering License Manager
Monitor usage and optimize licenses for engineering and specialty industrial applications
FedRAMP Certified
Use a data center that is Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) certified.
HR asset onboarding
Simplify and automate hardware and software asset allocations for new employees.
License Change Projections
Change the game from reactive to proactive—get software insights before an IT change occurs.
License Workbench
Prioritize and take action on compliance and cost visualizations for your list of thousands of publishers.
License position reports
Get a full view of publisher effective license positions for your list of publishers with intuitive dashboards and on-demand reports.
Lifecycle content
See workflow lifecycle dates from the content library to view end of support for software in the app stack. Use Application Portfolio Management to see which business applications are at risk and need to raise demand projects.
Remediation options
Use the platform of action to reassign, reclaim, and revoke software allocations for users or devices with automated workflow.
Performance analytics
Review historical and forecasted compliance trends and their associated costs with meaningful insights.
Publisher packs and SaaS License Management
Review license compliance and optimize positions for the most complex on-premises and SaaS products representing 80% of your spend.
Keep license positions up to date with automated license positions comparing entitlement to usage and cost calculations.
Software exposure assessment
Identify vulnerable software with information from the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) and remediate vulnerabilities with automated workflows to security.
Software license maintenance
Gain visibility into maintenance contracts, identify cost savings, and right size renewals to align to usage.
Software Spend Detection
Solve shadow IT by uncovering rogue spend by geo, cost center department, vendor, product, and people.

Benefits of Software Asset Management

Get to business outcomes faster

Workflow software data to deliver value cross-functionally using platform capabilities already in place.

Mitigate risk

Reduce software license risk by embedding SAM into IT change and acting on unlicensed deployments.

Slash software spending

Cut software spend by finding shadow IT, reducing overlapping capabilities, and optimizing license use.

Don’t just take our word for it

Companies like yours use Software Asset Management to take control of assets and get to value faster.

Case Study

Community Health Systems hospitals saves millions

CHS supports the patient journey while saving millions with ServiceNow.

Case Study

The State of Tennessee speeds procurement cycles

State centralized IT services with Now Platform® to speed procurement and employee onboarding

Now Community post

Celgene saves seven figures

What everyone ought to know about the Software Asset Management and ServiceNow.

Now Community post

CenterPoint Energy hits 97% normalization

Fortune 500 electric and natural gas utility successfully implements ServiceNow SAM.

How to get Software Asset Management

ServiceNow SAM is the only SAM solution to run on a single‑architecture platform, enabling cross‑functional IT workflows that manage full asset lifecycles.

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Talk to an expert

Get answers to your questions and discover how ServiceNow can help you transform your business with modern digital workflows.

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